Company History

Since 1969 – A Story of Challenges and Success:
• Ever since our foundation in 1969, our mission has been to supply vessels requirements with highest quality of products and services, for the most competitive prices.
• Based from our headquarters in Port Said, our company managed to withstand stormy times, and extend its services to cover all major Egyptian ports.
• Edwardo is well-perceived as one of the most trusted and reputable ship suppliers in Egypt, thanks to the continuous support and confidence of our long-term clients.
• And with more than 500,000 items of common ship stores under our Transit-Warehouse’s roof, and with a dedicated 3rd floor that hosts 3 industrial chiller storages, this allows us to supply your common needs via our inventory with more discounted prices and better quality standards.
• In an industry where time is of essence, you can request our urgent services, quote, place an order, and deliver in under 24hours.
• To do so, we provide our services on a 24/7 basis.
• Our vision is to become a 1-stop service for all ships calling Egyptian ports.

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